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Makati 7844 Penthouse Mavenue Building, Makati Avenue Makati City 1209 Philippines. Tel. number : 9170275


Essential 88 Water Filter – stops particulates larger than mesh opening, ignoring small particulates that can safely pass throug the system. Cleans the entire screen area 100% from impurities. Screens are kept stable at all times. It is easy to install in any position.
Water Softener – regenerate and soften equal volume of hard water.
Centralize Water Filtration – ensure safe water for entire household/buildings.
Water Purifier 4 Stages - for household use.
Water Refilling Station Units
Vendo Machines - for business purposes.
Industrial Units
UV Lamp Units

Multi-media tanks reverse osmosis equipment and membranes

Guarding Waters From Impurities Since 1999

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Centralize Water Filtration System    

central water filtration system (CWFS) 1 central water filtration system (CWFS) 2 central water filtration system (CWFS) 3 central water filtration system (CWFS) 4
central water filtration system (CWFS) 5 central water filtration system (CWFS) 6 central water filtration system (CWFS) 7  

Household Water Filtration System    

household water filtration system 1 household water filtration system 2 household water filtration system 3 household water filtration system 4

Blue Colored Autotrol Fleck Head 30w UV lamp 60w UV lamp The water refilling station
Autotrol fleck head uv lamp of 30w uv lamp of 60 watts water refilling station
Water Refilling station 1000 gpm Water vending Machine slots Ionic Alkaline Drinking Water Logo  
Water Refilling station 1000 gpm water vending Machine slots Ionic Alkaline Drinking Water  
Alkaline Ionized - Mineralized Ionized Alkaline Drinking Water can delay aging  
Water Refilling station 1000 gpm Ionic Alkaline Drinking Water  

Centralized water softener process FRP Pressure Tank Centralize Stainless Self Clean Strainer
Centralize Water Softener Body Guard FRP Pressure Tank Centralize Stainless Self Clean Strainer

Water Treatment Products & Services    
Water Treatment Products & Services I
Water Treatment Products & Services II
Custom Fabrication Services
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More About Centralize Water Filtration System
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