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Makati 7844 Penthouse Mavenue Building, Makati Avenue Makati City 1209 Philippines. Tel. number : 9170275

Whole House / Centralized Filtration System

Water Filtration Process

About Us
Water quality, safety and cleanliness are primary objective of our products and services.
We are water safety filtration technology firm enabling our clients to have safe water for drinking, commercial, institutional and industrial purposes.
Our technology is consistently efficient, cost-effective and world class quality.
"How is it that water which is so useful that life is impossible without it, has such a low price while diamonds, which are quite unnecessary, have such a high price?"
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Prof. Romeo M. Del Rosario, PhD

(8th place in the November 1973 Board Exam for Chemist)
Registration Certificate No.: 4063
Date Registered: 15 March 1974

Pacific Western University, PhD Chemistry, 1986-1988,
 (Non-Resident External Degree Program, Technological and Ecological Environment) , 
Los Angeles, CA, USA, 

2012 Innovation Entrepreneur of the Year

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